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XESS! Services - Event Production

XESS! Services Event Production

As being an exhibition building company we mainly base our ideal upon the designing of stands, however we have executed Mashrabiya Designs for Ramadan, Event Backdrops, Stages, and 3D Letters.


Event Backdrops, Stages & 3D Letters.

We Satisfy our Clients

Wooden Stages that you’d require for an event can be executed as per the design that you have in mind. With custom-made stages, too. To make the event prosper, add a backdrop with custom-made designs and see how it amplifies the surrounding.

Greet the people who visit the event venue or conference with a small pop up stand, which acts as a greeting and tells the passersby as to what the event is about. Such small stands could make a huge impact on the way the event is held.

We have also included services that provide furnishing for the stand so that you need not look anywhere else as we provide a one stop solution in stand building and designing. Our main criteria are in having an immersive style in the way we finish the stand as per the design we have had created or the design that you have proposed to us with furniture, television, LED Screens, iPads and laptops on rental basis.